By Juliette Lie Baxter
Best Health

Whether you’re battling PMS or staring down perimenopause, there are strategies and solutions to help minimize distress. Juliette Lie Baxter investigates how to manage hormonal changes with grace – and fewer mood swings.

There was a time when a pair of stretchy pants with a soft waistband that hugged my bloated belly and a loose-cut tee that skimmed over my achy breasts were all I needed to survive PMS. But things changed over a year ago, when I turned 41. Now I have a laundry list of monthly letdowns, which include increased anxiety, brief crying spells, fatigue and heartburn. I have loose stools, foggy brain, ovulation pain and headaches. My cycle has stretched from 28 days to 38 days, which also means my PMS can last up to 10 days. I have hot flashes (that’s a temperature surge with no sweats)

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