By Stefanie Polsinelli
special to CTV

A new year symbolizes a fresh start: 365 days of nothing but promise ahead of you. It also means you’ll likely make a resolution you won’t be able to keep past March. But all that can change for 2017.

When people make a resolution about their health, they tend to focus on a single improvement, such as losing weight. But according to Dr. Esther Konigsberg, MD and Medical Director of Integrative Medicine Consultants Inc., you should strive towards a healthy lifestyle overall rather than zeroing in on any one aspect.

“You want your foundation to be strong and the only way to create a strong one is to be as healthy as possible,” she says. “There is a huge amount of scientific evidence proving that if you exercise and eat well, all the risk factors for diseases dramatically drop.”

She adds that the key to sticking with your resolution is to slowly incorporate the new activities into your life so that it’s easier to turn them habits. “It doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” she says. “Just set the intention and balance out how to factor the healthier habits into your already-busy life without causing more stress.” She has pinpointed five specific changes you can incorporate into your routine to develop a healthier lifestyle for the new year and beyond.

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