Episode 6

How To Build Your Immune System
What can you do to strengthen your immune system? At the time of the recording of this podcast, there is an outbreak of the coronavirus called COVID-19. In this episode of Doctors+, Dr. Esther Konigsberg, MD CCFP, discusses integrative strategies to boost the immune system. You’ll learn about foods and vitamins that can boost the immune system, and what to avoid if you have COVID-19.

In this podcast you’ll hear:

2:35 – Can a strong immune system prevent someone from getting COVID-19?

4:30 – Prevention strategies

5:30 – Can the severity of symptoms be lessened with a strong immune system?

6:40 – Viral load

7:20 – Boosting the immune system with sleep, stress management, exercise

12:00 – Boosting immunity and reducing inflammation with diet

16:30 – Vitamin C and other natural health products to boost immune system

19:00 – Cautions on what natural health products to avoid during symptoms of infection or if test positive for COVID-19

23:00 – Supplements that can boost immune system, continued.

25:00 – Importance of consulting a qualified healthcare practitioner

26:30 – Frozen v. canned food

28:00 – Safe grocery shopping

31:15 – Healthy snack ideas for kids

32:00 – Dispelling COVID myths

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