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Listen to Dr. Esther Konigsberg on Doctors+ Podcast

Doctors+ is a podcast series that interviews western medicine practitioners who are also trained in complementary or alternative therapies such as Naturopathy, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Each episode includes a thought-provoking discussion about food as medicine,... read more

Teatox diets: a nasty way to lose weight

By Alexandra Kimball Chatelaine Juice fasts are so 2014. The latest way to cleanse your body is the “teatox,” which supplements a low-calorie diet with large amounts of herbal tea. (The #teatox hashtag has over 300,000 posts on Instagram.) Proponents say teatoxing... read more

The 5-day gluten-free meal plan you’ve got to try

By Dr. Esther Konigsberg Chatelaine Thinking of going gluten-free? People who are sensitive to gluten — a protein found in wheat, barley and rye — can have irritable-bowel symptoms like diarrhea, cramping and bloating, as well as joint pain, acid reflux, skin problems... read more

Feeling Hormonal?

By Juliette Lie Baxter Best Health Whether you’re battling PMS or staring down perimenopause, there are strategies and solutions to help minimize distress. Juliette Lie Baxter investigates how to manage hormonal changes with grace – and fewer mood swings. There was a... read more

Dispelling Urban Health Myths

By Esther Konigsberg Hamilton Jewish News In my Integrative Medicine practice I often see health conscious patients who are interested in pursuing the best possible health and well-being. Influenced by social media, the media at large or lay “health experts”... read more

How to stop being a stress junkie

By Maureen Halushak Chatelaine To look at Karen Rempel a year ago, you’d think she was the queen of Zen. The Vancouver 46-year-old practised yoga, meditated daily and ran at least three times a week. She also avoided jitter-inducing sugar and caffeine. But despite... read more

The Dangers of Stress and How to Handle Your Stress

By Samantha Kemp-Jackson Parents Canada The world keeps turning we were once told, and boy does it ever. In 2012, the pace of life continues to increase and that precious “down time” that many of us look for doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon. The advent of... read more
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